Artistic Director

Katie Mirian is an American hairstylist, businesswoman, and philanthropist. She began her career shadowing her mother in the hair industry. She graduated from college and began her career oversees in various European countries such as Germany, England, and France. In 1986 she landed in Nashville, Tennessee. Soon after, she became the first person to receive a green card for her extraordinary skill in the hair and makeup industry sponsored by a model agency. Katie states, “I was fortunate to land in Nashville, Tennessee, I had a tremendous love for music. I started working, without knowledge of knowing anyone, but I had a chance to work with legendary and Grammy award winning artists. She also worked with various television stations on the morning news. Her life story has been featured on local media and prints such as, Tennessee Crossroads, Nashville Scene and InFocus magazine. She has worked on small and big budget films. Her most recent work as hair and makeup artist on A Matter of Time, stars Shelley Long, known for her work on the television show Cheers. Katie opened Nashville’s’ first salon and boutique combination because she believed that hair and fashion are not separate from one another. Therefore, she expanded her business into the fashion industry, providing makeup, apparel and accessories for her audience. She used her knowledge and creativity to build numerous product lines to fill her client’s hair and makeup needs. Her most popular brow filler pencil is successfully sold worldwide.

Her achievement and entrepreneurial energy was honored by Nashville Rotary Club as business person of the year. U.S. Commerce Association recognized her salon, Salon Atash Hair and Brow Bar, as Nashville’s best hair cut, hair coloring and brows in 2012 and 2013. Millie Lewis AMTC (Actors, Models and Talent for Christ) awarded Katie for best hair and makeup, featuring her work in their 20th anniversary magazine. She was presented as Master Trainer from Artego, an Italian Color System in Rome, Italy. She now dedicates her time fulfilling her mission to mentoring and educating young future professionals with a common passion in the hair and fashion industry. She continues to look for new challenges and continuing her journey to fulfill her dreams.